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We are proud to provide a broad array of services and activities for our client.  Except for our catamaran boat cruises we also do Sandwich Harbour Desert tours.

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Dolphins are marine mammals that are closely related to whales and porpoises. There are almost forty species of dolphin. They vary in size from 1.2 m (4 ft) and 40 kg (90 lb) (Maui's dolphin) up to 9.5 m (30 ft) and 10 tonnes (9.8 long tons;11 short tons) (the orca or killer whale). They are found worldwide, mostly  in the shallower seas of the continental shelves, and are carnivores,mostly eating fish and squid.

The ocean sunfish, Mola Mola, or common mola, is the heaviest known bony fish in the world.  It has an average adult weight of 1,000 kg (2,200 lb). The species is native to tropical and temperate waters around the globe. It resembles a fish head with a tail, and its main body is flattened laterally.  Sunfish can be as tall as they are long when their dorsal and ventral fins are extended.

The leatherback sea turtle is the largest of all living sea turtles and the fourth largest modern reptile behind three crocodilians. It is the only living species in the genus Dermochelys. It can easily be differentiated from other modern sea turtles by its lack of a bony shell. Instead, its carapace is covered by skin and oily flesh.

The humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) is a species of baleen whale.  One of the larger rorqual species, adults range in length from 12–16 metres (39–52 ft) and
weigh approximately 36,000 kilograms (79,000 lb). The humpback has  a distinctive body shape, with unusually long pectoral fins and a knobbly head.

The true seals or earless seals are one of the three main groups of mammals within the seal superfamily,  Pinnipedia. They are sometimes called crawling seals to distinguish them from the fur seals and sea lions of the family Otariidae. Seals live in the oceans of both hemispheres and are mostly confined to polar, subpolar, and temperate climates.

Along with the darters, cormorants, gannets, boobies, frigatebirds, and tropicbirds, pelicans make up the order Pelecaniformes.   Modern pelicans, of which there are eight species, are  found on all continents except Antarctica.  Birds of inland and coastal water